Bust of Mao by Salvador Dali

Title Bust of Mao
Artist Salvador Dali (i)
Medium Etching (i)
Numbered /229
Size (WxH)  46 x 54cm
Framed Yes
Ref. No 16100
Price: £675.00

Bust of Mao

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From Mao Tse-Toung series. Embossed signature. In the midst of the Cultural Revolution in China, soon followed by the May 1968 riots in France, Pierre Argillet brought the book of Poems by Mao Zedong to Dalí. Tickled, the artist decided to create eight illustrations, some of which were political satires. When Argillet asked Dalí why his Bust of Mao was a headless Chinese uniform, Dalí replied: ‘Well, the man is so tall that he didn’t fit on the page!’ ‘And what about these small dancing “Demons?”’ – ‘To the Chinese, they are Japanese!’