The War 1914 - 1918 by Salvador Dali

The War 1914 - 1918

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The War 1914 - 1918 (1967)
Salvador Dali (i)
Etching (i)
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24 x 32cm
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From the suite Apollinaire - Počmes Secrets. The original intention behind Dali’s Počmes Secrets, in fact, had nothing to do with Apollinaire, the French post-war poet whose work this series of etchings accompanies. Dali had planned to illustrate various numbers of the singer-songwriter-cum-poet Georges Brassens, who would himself go on to write music for Apollinaire’s poems, with the first etching depicting the musician playing his guitar and singing the female form into being. Brassens’ agent, however, instigated so many changes to the work that Dali was forced to modify the series’ concept altogether. Apollinaire had enlisted in the French army in 1914, and soon after he fell in love with a young schoolteacher named Madeleine Pages. The romance didn’t last, but the poems he wrote to her from the front became the controversial Secret Poems of Apollinaire. In them he contemplates the horror of trench warfare, which repelled him but also provided a sexual charge that was translated into erotic declarations of love. Embossed signature. 18 etchings were made and then reworked in drypoint, and the whole set was published in 1967.

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