Zsuzsi Morrison

Zsuzsi Morrison

The pieces are made entirely by hand in fine silver and 22ct gold each for its colour and quality, and for technical details in the enamelling process. Worked by the eye and the feel, each piece has an intimate texture of its own, originating throughout the making process. Enamelling has been used for centuries and has a certain weight of history and an ancient look and feel that lends itself to her work.

Enamel is laid on in a painterly fashion. Tiny washed and ground granuals, suspended in water are applied with a fine paintbrush. Subtle and vibrant colours are used together. Opaque and transparent enamels for blocks of colour or, when layered in separate firings, with opals, create a water-colour effect.

Some pieces take many firings. Enamelling is a difficult but rewarding technique and it is time consuming. The beautiful range and depth of colour possible with enamel is impossible to imitate, but the process can be hard to master. Different colours fire and glass at different temperatres and react to the metal oxides and solders, sometimes disastrously.

Once a piece has glassed successfully the surface of the enamel is ground with carborundum stones and diamond grit to flatten it. After washing thoroughly the piece is fired for the final time and then the enamel is treated with acid etch and the silver is chemically oxidised.  

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