Gail Brodholt RE

Gail Brodholt RE

Gail Brodholt is a leading linocut printmaker of contemporary urban landscapes. Using a subtle but rich palette, she displays an expert eye for composition, draughtsmanship and colour.

She was born in South London to immigrant parents, her father Norwegian and her mother from Trinidad. Her work is concerned with journeys, both actual and temporal, providing an outsider’s narrative on present day London which is tinged with a certain nostalgia for the railways and tube trains.

Human activity is there but often concealed from sight, the people anonymous. Often, only the setting alludes to the possible presence of people within the scene.

Gail’s work has a technical, draughtsman-like quality, yet underneath there is always a strong element of emotion.

She depicts London and especially its transport network with great technical accomplishment, pushing the boundaries that the medium is usually thought suitable for. She strives to achieve atmospheric effects, relating such things as weather, time of day and seasons, by applying the inks in a painterly way with glazes, impasto, etc. Her ever-present themes are the interplay between London's trains and tubes with the housing they connect.

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