Ann Bruford

Ann BrufordAnn Bruford

“I have been living and working in East Devon since gaining a BA (Hons) degree in 3D - Design (metal) at Brighton and now work as a full-time designer/maker with two rural workshops, one with a display space, in the valley of the River Otter in East Devon. Blessed with parkland and farming views outside my workshops, and both open heathland and the Jurassic Coastline only a short walk or drive away so it’s no wonder that Nature provides me with most of my inspiration.

My aim is to create jewellery that becomes part of the owner’s own portable art collection and an essential component in their everyday rituals. Just as nature is never static, much of my work alters and moves as you wear it - pearls tremble on pendants, metal components slip and slide over each other, necklaces lengthen or shorten, textures become clearer as surface patinas mellow and gold accents sing out. The making process continues the development of an idea with designs evolving in ways not always anticipated and often fuelled by the acquisition of new experiences, skills or materials. 

If I must be shoehorned into a box, I fit best into the Slow Art category, with a carefully considered design process, laborious hand fabrication and finishing techniques and a close eye on sourcing materials responsibly as well as minimising waste. 

I work primarily in silver and gold but using copper has allowed me to create larger pieces that can incorporate a wider and bolder range of colours, two of which have been used as illustrations in Mark Runfola‘s 2014 book ‘Metal Patination Techniques for Jewelers and Metalsmiths’ (UK - Thames & Hudson).”

Each piece of Ann’s work is individually made, either unique or of a limited edition. 

She is a member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen (based at The Riverside Gallery, Bovey Tracey, Devon).

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