Mike Tingle

Born: 1954

Mike TingleMike Tingle

Witty and ironic are just two words which help to describe Mike Tingle's work today. Previously his preferred medium was copper plate etching involving fine lines, varied textures and much detail, however his present work in drypoint and in embossing has become bolder and simpler but still retains that same humorous vision which has always captivated his audience.

Born in Skegness but educated mostly in Devon, he studied at the Bath Academy of Art. Mike has lived in many places across the UK but now resides in Newton Abbot and is a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

One theme which runs through all of Mike's current work is the appropriation of the symbolic figures used on public information signs - a truly international picure language.

He has gained a strong reputation for his individual approach to printmaking - his own adaptation of collography being 'Cereal Box Relief', which adds a further dimension to his unfailing sense of humour, and printing skill.

His work is displayed in many galleries across the UK and has been selected for  Royal Academy Summer exhibitions.

Where Raleigh Relaxed

Mike's print, 'Where Raleigh Relaxed' is a parody of Sir John Everett Millais's 'Boyhood of Raleigh' oil painting, done in 1870. In Mike's print, Raleigh is pictured relaxing on Budleigh Salterton Beach, ice-cream in hand, with the very distinctive Otterhead view in the background and the pebble beach beneath him. The lady in the background of the picture is pointing out to sea, reminiscent of the Genoese sailor who is pointing out to sea in the Millais original. Where Millais showed us a hero in the making, Mike Tingle's depiction has a more humourous note, and shows off the local area with its according charm. As Walter Raleigh is a local icon in Budleigh Salterton, his birth place being only a few miles away, this is a very popular and much enjoyed piece.

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