E J Wilson

E J Wilson

An established printmaker for many years, Ed had deviated from his previous meticulously detailed landscapes and more recently produced an exciting range of graphic prints founded on rhythms and asymmetrical intervals based on puzzles and everyday objects.

Ed had developed his instinctive love and feel for the craft of printmaking by embracing new technology and materials in the production of his prints.  He used laser cutters, routers, jigsaw cutters as well as traditional block cutting and intaglio processes to produce his stunning images.

In recent years, Ed had been an integral member of the Suffolk Art Advisory Team that has been instrumental in establishing Suffolk as a leading light in Art and Design Education.  He was in much demand as a tutor and had travelled widely to inspire many with his enthusiasm and knowledge of his craft.

Ed had exhibited in many galleries across Britain and his work is currently held in public and private collections in England, Wales, France, Germany, Norway, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and Canada

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of much loved Ed, who passed away in February 2021 following a year long battle with cancer. He was passionate about his art and continued to print throughout his illness whenever possible. Ed’s work will continue to be sold through his family. 

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