Feliks Topolski RA

Born: 1907

Feliks Topolski RA

Born in Warsaw, Feliks Topolski studied at the Warsaw Academy of Art before settling in England in 1935. He was made a British subject in 1947 after making an unusually prolific draughtsman's record both on the home front and abroad as a war artist for both Poland and Great Britain, having been wounded in the Blitz.

After spending time in the post war years in India, followed by a period in America, he returned to England where he completed the Festival of Britain mural under Hungerford railway bridge (where there is now a Topolski centre).Later he  produced a spectacular mural commission for Buckingham Palace.

His style is unique but recognisable using swirling grandeur and ceremony which ideally reflects his subject matter. Bernard Denvir describes him as the 'Chronicler Extraordinary'.

Feliks Topolski died in 1989 at the age of 82. He  stands out among 20th century artists for his virtuosity as a draughtsman and his panoramic vision.

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