John Marshall

John Marshall became a professional painter fifteen years ago, emerging from a varied background of drawing restorer, croupier, main-frame computer programmer and NATO Finance Manager.

Echoing an early English rural artist tradition John has deliberately restricted his painting to just one subject: the cow. He clearly has great affection for these giant amiable beasts, yet disconcertingly confesses that the cow, as a subject, is simply "something to hang paint on".


The success of the cow paintings comes after a series of technical explorations ranging from total abstraction to illustration. Recent departures include a two year period of monochrome paintings, a year dedicated to painting Arizona Bull Riding and currently the adoption of an Italian Renaissance inspired glazing technique.

Yet given the single subject and chosen medium, there is an astonishing variety in the work - strength of technique ensures that each new work is fresh and distinct from its predecessors.

John has had a series of solo exhibitions in London and Paris and his work is in collections across America and throughout the world.

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