Joan Miró

Born: 1893

Joan Miró

One of the most famous of our artists, Joan Miro was born in Spain and studied at the School of Fine Art and the Academy Cali. In 1920 he settled in Paris where he was inspired by his Spanish compatriots, Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris. It was during this time also that his own poetic and primitive style was strengthened by a close association with the Surrealists, although he never formally expressed allegiance to the movement

In spite of the world wide fame he acquired he was a modest and retiring character who was utterly devoted to his work. Through his life he continued to explore and work with many techniques, although his etchings and lithographs were created as a means of making his art more widely accessible. The Foundation of Joan Miro was opened in 1975 on the heights of Montjuic, overlooking Barcelona. It is designed both as a memorial museum, housing a collection of his works and a centre of artistic activity.

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