Nicholas Eastwood

Born: 1942

Although studio-based in Exeter, Devon, UK, Nicholas Eastwood’s paintings and ceramics are very much influenced by international themes. From his experiences abroad, ideas form within classical and flamenco music as well as one-off works. From his career as an Artist and a Lecturer in Europe, many continental subjects are painted within a distinctive British genre.

Since his formal debut as an artist in Galerie Jean Camion in Paris in 1969, Nicholas Eastwood has achieved a growing reputation as one of the South West’s most significant artists, with a series of one-man shows in England and major exhibitions in Europe and the United States. Much of his work reflects certain formative experiences brought about by time spent abroad , in particular the Mediterranean countries, and the landscapes of southern France and Spain have been a particular inspiration for his work.” - Dr. S. Pratt, Lecturer in History of Art, University of Plymouth, Devon, UK.

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