Tom Hammick

Born: 1963

Tom Hammick

Tom Hammick is an artist living in the UK. Primarily a painter and printmaker he is also senior lecturer in fine art painting and printmaking at the University of Brighton.

Tom's prints and paintings have equal importance in his practice. Each process feeds the other, both informed by drawings, photographs and newspaper cuttings as source materials.

Hammick Editions is the imprint and publishing name representing Tom Hammick's editioned prints. All prints inclduing, woodcuts, drypoints, etchings, lithographs and mezzotints are individually hand-made by the artist in tiny editions in his home studio, and where scale necessitates, on larger presses at Sanguine Studios with Rob White.

While images are drawn and cut on the plates by the artist, be they relief or intaglio processes, Tom is happy to use digital processes in the mix and is always looking for new ways of making prints.

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