Justine Jenner

Justine  Jenner Justine  Jenner

Justine started her career as an apprentice at Dartington Pottery, Devon, between 1995 and 1997 followed by a degree course in Fine Art and French Literature. 

Justine’s career grew when she got a job at the Jam Factory which involved working in glazing. She also worked two days a week for Julian Bellmont. In return for working two days a week for Julian, Justine was able to use his studio to experiment with throwing and building on her skills.  

In 1998 Justine moved to Rome where she was able to use a friend’s studio. During that time, Justine was able to develop her throwing techniques and made a variety of tableware from terracotta clay decorated with brushstrokes of bright colour on a white tin glaze.   

Since then Justine Built on her personal life raising a family until 2013 where she was offered a kiln and a wheel. This sparked the desire to return to making pots again - now Justine works from home in her garage throwing on a wheel and decorating with beautifully bright glazes. 

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