Trish Phillips

Trish Phillips

Trish Phillips studied ceramics at Harrow Art College during the time of tutors such as Mick Casson, Wally Keeler, Mo Jupp and Colin Pearson.

Awarded a Crafts Council grant, she set up a workshop in Devon making Salt Glazed stoneware and porcelain, combining the former with teaching part time in Somerset and London.

Whilst teaching on the Fine Art course at Sir John Cass Art College in London she studied for an M.A. in Art in Architecture and moved away from clay, exploring the qualities of cast glass and other materials for many years.

Latterly, she has returned to her first love, clay, excited by the momentum and tension that throwing alone, she feels, can impart to a lump of clay. Her distinctive pieces are created when the piece is off the wheel and soft, often using parts of her own body to reform the shape.

Her current pieces are highfired porcelain with a Dolomite glaze, fired to 1270C in an electric kiln.

Despite her academic background, she sees herself as a maker having an obsession with clay and the throwing process.

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