Bob Devereux

Born: 1940

Bob  DevereuxBob  Devereux

‘A Member of The St Ives of Artists & The St Ives Arts Club

Born in 1940, studied Graphic Design at Kingston College of Art 1958-61 where I was encouraged to explore abstract ideas. in 1965 I moved to Cornwall to paint and write.

My taste in shapes and colour relationships and texture is influenced by the landscape but, in the end, it is the work which I have previously created that provides the inspiration for new paintings.

As a poet I am aware of the power of metaphor and as a painter I enjoy simple shapes, which can morph and have more than one meaning. 

When painting I regard the canvas or paper as a slice of air, into which I can float shapes. Only the edge is real. Abstract Expressionism creates space for viewers to find their own interpretation. My paintings are windows for the imagination.

I am convinced that all art survives on its mysteries rather than its explanations.

1980-2010 I ran The Salthouse Gallery, representing the work of contemporary artists and craftsmen. 

I have conducted workshops for the Arvon Foundation, Tate Gallery, National Trust, British Heritage Trust, Gulbenkian Trust, Trebah Gardens, Daisy, The Eden Project, Early Years Scilly, The National Poetry Secretariat and The Sorrell Foundation.

My words of poetry are; Cut in Oak, at Saltash, in the Millennium Park, beside the Tamar.

Etched in Granite, remembering the Cornish Diaspora, in gardens at Heartlands, the Cornwall Heritage site.

Cast in Iron, beside the canal, in Leamington Spa, celebrating the life of Sir Terry Frost. 

My paintings are in numerous private collections, around the world.'

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