Paul Huxley

Born: 1938

Paul HuxleyPaul Huxley

Acknowledged globally for his large scale bold and dynamic paintings, Huxley’s abstract work explores implied perspectives, combining stretched and distorted ellipses and shapes with flat blocks of colour and linear patterns to create dynamic illusions. He invites the viewer to unpick the paintings and consider why such elements have been considerately placed together. 

Born in London in 1938, Huxley attended Harrow School of Art from 1951 – 1956 before enrolling into Royal Academy Schools at the age of 17. After extensive teaching experience he was appointed Professor of Painting at the Royal College of Art in 1986 where many now established artists such as Dino Chapman, Nigel Cook, Dexter Dalwood, Andrew Grassie, Tracey Emin, Chantal Joffe and Chris Ofili were his students. Upon finishing teaching in 1998, Huxley was elected Honorary Fellow and Professor Emeritus.

He lives in West London, sharing the same complex of studios with Peter Blake and Ben Johnson..

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