Sara Hayward

Sara  Hayward

Born in Barnt Green, Worcestershire, Sara Hayward is a UK based artist. She studied fine art at the Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art, Oxford University, and printmaking at the Royal College of Art, London.

Her expressive, painterly style is concerned with capturing the energy of her subject matter using a heightened colour palette and printmaking inspired mark making techniques. She has developed a personal use of heightened colour to represent the world around her, pushing the boundaries of traditional painting through printmaking inspired painting processes. 

Her current figurative series, Elle 1:1 000 000, is inspired by women around the world. A suite of her still life etchings of Worcester Porcelain jugs and her portrait of BBC Antiques Road Show presenter Henry Sandon MBE hang on permanent display at the Museum of Royal Worcester. She is married to landscape painter Paul Powis.

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