Simon Ripley

Born: 1962

Simon Ripley

Simon was born in 1962 into a family of commercial printers. His artistic journey started out when an old 1850's printing press was discovered in the basement of an old stationery printers in Perth, Scotland. The press lay in pieces for many years but was finally moved to Exeter where Simon used it to help start the Double Elephant Print Workshop - a community resource for artists where Simon was the Director for 8 years.

He now uses this very same press to produce the stunning monoprints that he creates today. Based in Exeter he is now focussing on his own work and while also lecturing part time at the University of Plymouth and at Exeter College.

Simon's art education started in London, his degree however in Fine Art Printmaking was gained at Plymouth.

'what excites me is the not knowing - until one pulls back the paper from the block you never quite know how it will turn out. In my work I facilitate chance and actively encourage the unknown, the happy accident.' Simon's work is an intuitive response to the things that catch his eye. When seeing the finished article, one can see how the work has evolved on the paper. It is not restrained by anything tangible, leaving the viewer's imagination to explore its depths while taking in its form. His exploration of colour is exceptional - finding hues that can be stimulating but at the same time relaxing...tranquility without form.

Today Simon makes linocut relief monoprints on handmade Japanese paper. Each piece is unique, individually inspired and hand printed by Simon himself.

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