Ann d'Arcy Hughes

Ann d

Ann trained at the Lanchester College of Art, Coventry, the Stockholm School of Art, and Brighton College of Art. She was assistant to Anthony Gross at the Slade School for four years, and gained a travelling scholarship to work with S. William Hayter at Atelier 17 in Paris. Since 1971 she has lectured in printmaking at the University of Brighton, and in 2000 founded the Brighton Independent Printmaking workshop.

‘My work is essentially about life as I experience it, and the world that I see about me. The prints are centred around figures of varying scale and proportion presented within an imaginary situation. This is intended to produce an atmosphere to which the viewer can relate. I use etching, metal engraving, drypoint, collagraph, lithography, lino, woodcut and wood engraving.

Ann uses the language of art and imagery, through the printmaking process to express that which cannot be conveyed verbally. She says,

'The symbolic use of the boat is that of the journey one takes from birth to death, alone at times, or with others. The stormy or still, waters are the troubles or times of joy that you experience on your way. The Angels or Spirits represent the forces of guidance, whatever your beliefs, that guide and steer you. There are differing levels of perception and understanding, and there are wave lengths, creating changes of time and scale. However, each image is open to the viewer to see what they comfortably relate to.'