Shardcastle Wept by Chris Orr MBE RA

Title Shardcastle Wept
Artist Chris Orr MBE RA (i)
Medium Lithograph (i)
Numbered 30/30
Size (WxH)  50 x 72cm
Framed Yes
Ref. No 16209
Price: £910.00

Shardcastle Wept

Photo etching, etching, dry point and relief print. 53 X 37cm 2012. Printed by Simon Lawson and Chris Orr Hugenot Editions London in an edition of 30 with 5 artists proofs on Somerset hand made paper.


I have always valued collage as a method of working. Sometimes this involves readymade material such as in this print from Boy's Adventure Books. The process of combining and editing material is a natural one for all artists. However, I never use things in a straightforward way and my print breaks up text and images and re-arranges them. Alongside the readymade I have put original

drawn images and abstract textures making a complex web of meanings. Shardcastle is in the text as Hardcastle who wept so in the odd world of Chris Orr it becomes Shardcastle Wept.


A companion print "Crew of the ninety -- Strange Affair" is also available.