The Rugby Portfolio by Paul Cleden

Title The Rugby Portfolio
Artist Paul Cleden (i)
Medium Linocut (i)
Numbered /50
Size (WxH)  30 x 42cm
Framed No
Ref. No 22129
Price: £1860.00

The Rugby Portfolio

Celebrating the much loved sport of rugby, Brook Gallery is excited to present a stunning portfolio of rugby themed prints by renowned UK artist Paul Cleden.

Influenced by the Grosvenor School style, each are hand printed and available individually or as a collectors boxed set. Editions 1 to 50 will come as Collectors' box sets, for the price of six prints you will receive all seven linocuts. 10% of all proceeds will go to the Exeter Foundation.

The colours do not depict specific games or teams but artistically celebrate the game of rugby at every level.