Conversion (Rugby) by Paul Cleden

Title Conversion (Rugby)
Artist Paul Cleden (i)
Medium Linocut (i)
Numbered 54/90
Size (WxH)  30 x 42cm
Framed No
Ref. No 22958
Price: £310.00

Conversion (Rugby)

Celebrating the much loved sport of rugby, Brook Gallery is excited to present a stunning portfolio of rugby prints by renowned UK artist Paul Cleden.

Influenced by the Grosvenor School style, each are hand printed and available individually or as a collectors boxed set. Editions 1 to 50 will come as Collectors' box sets, for the price of six prints you will receive all seven linocuts. 10% of all proceeds will go to the Exeter Foundation.

The colours do not depict specific games or teams but artistically celebrates the game of rugby at every level in this important year.