Garden Ware Platter 35 by Bruce McLean

Title Garden Ware Platter 35
Artist Bruce McLean (i)
Medium Pottery (i)
Numbered Platter 35
Size (WxH)  42 x 42cm
Framed No
Ref. No 23139
Price: £650.00

Garden Ware Platter 35

Garden Ware

The Garden Ware range is a collaborative body of work between artist Bruce Mclean and Stoke on Trent potters, 1882 Ltd. The collection includes one-off earthenware creations, including vases, bowls, platters and tableware, all inspired by the Mclean’s garden and a three-foot-tall vase that McLean made in 1987, which is held in the V&A collection.

The Garden Ware platters are unique in an edition of 50. Each piece of earthenware displays a silkscreen decoration chosen from Mclean’s Garden Ware artwork. After firing, the artist added colour elements to each platter by hand with enamel paint, before a second firing. Each platter is numbered on the back.

Platter 35 –        Garden Ware Vessels

                  Made by 1882 Ltd

                  Part of an edition of 50 unique platters

                  Silkscreen decal and hand painted by the artist