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Exeter Gallery: Moor to Sea

12th July - 29th August 2016

Alan Cotton, one of the most revered artists in our midst, was invited by the Brook Gallery to select a body of work from artists across the UK known for their love and portrayal of the West Country. From the sandy beaches of Dorset, to the creeks and inlets of Devon, viaSomerset's high cliffs and Cornwall's secluded coves, the West Country landscape is as diverse as it is long, as portrayed by the varied artist styles included in Moor to Sea.

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Budleigh Salterton Gallery: Grosvenor Inspired Exhibition

15th July - 28th August 2016

The British Grosvenor School of Modern Art was opened in 1925 by Claude Flight and Iain MacNab. Flight taught the art of lino-cutting and MacNab taught wood engraving.
Claude Flight taught students to produce multi-colour linocut prints by using different blocks for each colour. Flight’s work celebrated the speed, movement and hustle of modern life in the 1920s and 30s, with dominant themes of sport and transport. Many contemporary artists attempt to capture the essence of the Grosvenor School by producing these incredibly complex and angular linocuts, few however succeed in the way that Paul Cleden, Lisa Takahashi and Andrew Pavitt do. Their prints notably capture the spirit of the genre whilst putting their own individual styling and nuances into the work.

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One of the most prestigious art galleries in Devon, the Brook Gallery in Budleigh Salterton, came into existence in 1997 as a gallery with specialisation in Fine Art original print.  Importantly, whilst still embracing these principles, the gallery has been able to extend its reach and media presence to incorporate most other fine art disciplines including paintings, and 3 dimensional works.  Over our 18 years, Brook has flourished, having acquired an enviable reputation across the UK and beyond, consulting, sourcing and installing the best Fine Art into beautiful homes like yours, exciting hostelries and exceptional hotels together with the some of the best professional offices and establishments across the UK.

This new and exciting centre for art continues to inspire all who visit. The gallery itself shows a further diverse range of original, compelling and collectable work, extending our repertoire by further incorporating new talent alongside our previously celebrated collection, allowing us to respond to the new and exciting projects coming our way.   In addition to this, our newly implemented outreach programme is aimed to challenge and develop its participants and its viewers alike.


Brook Gallery Exeter - Moor to Sea, 11th July - 29th August: Alan Cotton, one of the most revered artists in our midst selects a body of work from artists across the UK who are known for their love of the West Country and studies of the same. Beautiful paintings become the theme of this show. Given a subject as diverse and often challenging as our region’s landscapes and ‘lifescapes’, these Fine Artists have produced the most astonishing selection of styles, colours, moods and hues to excite and inspire you.

Brook Gallery Budleigh - Grosvenor School Inspired, 15th July - 28th August: A group exhibition of contemporary linocuts, inspired by the renowned British Grosvenor School of Art, featuring artists: Paul Cleden, Lisa Takahashi and Andrew Pavitt. Claude Flight, one of the school's founding members, taught the art of linocutting and influenced his student's work to capture the spirit of their time, immortalising the rapidly changing world of the 1920’s and 1930’s. The subject matter included that of sporting pursuits, railway and underground interiors. Many contemporary artists attempt to capture the genre, few however succeed in the way that Cleden, Takahashi and Pavitt do, notably capturing the essence of the genre whilst putting their own individual styling and nuances into their work.